dinsdag 25 november 2008

Building a building... first attempts

To find out exacty what method works for me to model a lot of buildings for my layout, I have been trying some different methods the past couple of days. The results of a day tinkering, with ca-glue all over my fingers, looks like this:

My goal was to make a convincing building out of transparant material and styrene strips, based on Pokara's paper design. Conclusion: someway I just can't make it work. The result looks to course and it takes far to much time (almost all day to make the big building).

Today, I tried to make an apartment building out of painted clear sheets of plastic leaving the windows out. The sides are made out of 1 mm styrene sheets and the roof out of 0.5 mm styrene with fine sandpaper glued on top.

This method looks better to me, though this building needs more detailing (and an entrance ;) ), and next time I will definately spray-paint the walls, instead of brushing.
But it just took a couple of hours, so it should be possible to create a whole block of houses using this method in just a couple of days.

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