dinsdag 25 november 2008

Layout plans

I've been playing with some thoughts about what my T gauge layout should be looking like a lot recently.
  • First of all, I mostly want it to be small, because I don't have a lot of space in my 1-room appartment and I want to buid it in a box, to protect it against dust. Maximum size should be about 35x35 cm. The standard Eishindo rails don't offer a lot of possibilities in this space, so it will propably become a simple loop, perhaps a double or even a triple loop, to add some more complexity to the layout. Yesterday I ordered a first 120R loop of rails, so that's a start :)
  • Secondly, I want my railway to be situated in a modern Japanese city. I always had a fascination for the country and the culture and I'm very glad T gauge offers a way to do something with this. I love the atmosphere and vividness of Japanese cities and the way different types of buildings, old and new, are just build next to eachother. (Yes and indeed I really want to visit Japan some time :) ) The small size of my layout makes it possible to create a high density of buildings, without having to spend years of my life glueing all those buildings together. I haven't decided yet if it will be a downtown setting with narrow alleys and highrise buildings or a more suburban environment with more residential buildings.
  • I also would like to create some hight differences, which I think makes a layout more interesting to look at. This will probably result in some kind of hilly background the train will disappear behind a couple of seconds, before reappearing and an elevated track running through the city, with viaducts to overpass the different loops of track.
I think I will be building all buildings and scenery on the layout from scratch, because I like the challenge of it. This also allows me to build a lighting system in all buildings, which will probably be using this really nice Ikea led-lights set. I will keep you up to date when my loop of track has arrived and, having a grasp of the size of it, will begin making some concrete plans.

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