zondag 7 december 2008


My loop of rails arrived last week and of course I immediately started trying to run my train. My first impressions were really good; the train ran smoothly, even at quite low speeds!

But after a while, a problem started to appear. The powered cars started to push one of the end cars out of the rails. The cause appeared to be a bogie of the powered car, which can't rotate smoothly. I also noted that one of the bogies isn't mounted correctly, one set of wheels barely touches the rails. The cars also seem to have a lot of difficulties getting grip on the straight sections, there's a lot of wheel spinning. There also seems to be a difference in performance depending on the direction the train runs in.

After running the train for a while, cleaning the track and combining the cars in different ways, I could get a little improvement, but still the overall smoothness of performance doesn't seem to increase, which is a little disappointing.
I really hope the new generation of T gauge trains will perform a little better!

Meanwhile, I have given some thought to the design of my layout. It will probably be situated near a residential area at the outskirts of a big Japanese city, with a couple of apartment buildings in a green setting. A commuter train line loops around it to cope with the hilly landscape. A screenshot of a YouTube movie I posted earlier, to illustrate the atmosphere around the railway I would like to achieve:

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